Research project

Large-Scale Structures

Observations of the large scale structures provide a powerful probe of cosmology. These structures are predominantly made up of dark matter and together create the cosmic web. We can gain insight into the nature of dark matter and dark energy through the studies of the large scale structures and their evolution. We can map and probe the large scale structures using weak gravitational lensing, or through proxies, such as the galaxy distribution. 

Our research at the E.A. Milne Centre involves modelling and analysing data from current cosmological surveys, such as GAMA and KiDS as well as upcoming surveys, such as Euclid, Rubin observatory LSST and SKA.

Staff and students: Marika Asgari, Lyra Hawkins

Image: Millenium simulation and KiDS mass map, Credit: Springel et al. (2005) and KiDS collaboration; Ben Giblin.