£1.2m grant success for the Milne Centre

The E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics has been successful in securing £1.2m in research grants this month.

In addition to the Centre being awarded £326k towards the support of five PhD students associated with its Astrophysics Data Science Cluster, £855k has been awarded to the team through the STFC Consolidated Grant scheme.  As the country’s newest astrophysics groups, this is an astonishing result, providing funding to support two new postdoctoral research fellows associated with understanding the origin of the chemical elements  (PI: Marco Pignatari) and the interplay between galaxies and plasma physics on the largest scales in the Universe (PI: Elke Roediger).

The Director of the E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics, Professor Brad Gibson, said “I could not be prouder of the team within the Milne Centre. In two years since its establishment, we have grown from 0 to now 27 staff and postgraduates, with at least 7 more joining us in 2018 through these two successful grants.  These successes are shared across all our staff, including Elke Roediger, Marco Pignatari, Kevin Pimbblet, David Benoit, Gareth Few, Siri Chongchitnan, and Sergei Zharkov.  The future looks incredibly bright for the Centre and we look forward to expanding our collaborative reach even further in the coming years.”