2x Postdoctoral Positions at the Milne Centre

Two PDRAs in Computational Stellar and Galaxy Cluster Physics are available at the E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics, University of Hull.

The deadline for receipt of all applicant materials is 16 August 2018

One position (working with Dr Marco Pignatari and Prof Brad Gibson) will be in the field of stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis, nuclear astrophysics, and galactic chemical evolution; a second position (working with Dr Elke Roediger) will be in the simulation of multiphase gas in galaxy clusters, star formation, and the hot intracluster medium. To discuss these roles informally, please contact Dr Marco Pignatari (, Dr Elke Roediger (, or Professor Brad Gibson ( For further information and application details, please see: Physics) or Cluster Physics).