Tim Beers research stay at the E.A. Milne centre

We are very fortunate to have Professor Tim Beers, Grace-Rupley Professor of Physics from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, visiting the E.A. Milne centre for the next 4 months.

Tim is interested in the origin and evolution of the elements in the Universe, and the assembly of large spiral galaxies such as the Milky Way. For decades, he has designed and executed large-scale surveys of stars in the Milky Way, efficiently sifting through literally millions of individual stars in order to find those objects that have recorded the chemical history of the Universe in their atmospheres. Tim’s efforts have been responsible for the identification (and subsequent analysis) of the great majority of stars known with overall abundances of heavy metals (such as Ca, Mg, and Fe) less than 1/1000th that of our Sun.