Astrophysics Seminar Programme 2022

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DateLocationSpeakerAffiliationRoomTalk Title
02/02/2022on campusProf Sarah MatthewsDept of Space & Climate Physics, UCL (UK)RBB-LTCEnergy release and transport in solar eruptive events
23/02/2022onlineDr Miriam Ramos-CejaMax Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics (DE)N/AMapping large scale structures at high energies with SRG/eROSITA
23/03/2022on campusProf Isobel HookDepartment: Physics, Lancaster university (UK)RBB-LTDCosmology with supernovae, past present and future
27/04/2022onlineDr Anita DawesSchool of Physical Sciences, The Open University (UK)N/AShedding UV and IR light on astrochemical ices