Inspired in Hull with Dill Faulkes – “From Hull to the Cosmos: Maths and My Life in Astrophysics”

Thursday 3 May | 18:30 (refreshments from 18:00) | Canham Turner, University of Hull

For businessman and philanthropist, Dill Faulkes, it all started with a degree in Special Mathematics from the University of Hull.

50 years later, evidence of his achievements can be found at a global and celestial level – a minor planet (47144) Faulkes bears his name; bold, ambitious projects such as the Faulkes Flying Foundation have inspired generations of young people and his footprint on the software industry includes names such as Logica, System and Triad. The Faulkes Telescope Project provides schools and other educational institutions with access to 1,500 hours of observing time on two robotic telescopes located in Hawaii and Australia.

Returning to his alma matter to deliver the next in our series of ‘Inspired in Hull’ lectures, Dr Faulkes will reflect on a career that spans academic work in general relativity, commercial success in the software industry and an abiding commitment to philanthropy. The common thread underpinning all of his achievements is an enduring love of Mathematics and a desire to enable others to share his passion.

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