Engage with us

Schools, groups and the public

The E.A. Milne Centre is more than just a world-leading research institute – we are also committed to being life-long regional education partners.

We want to work with schools and teachers to find unique ways in which to build and foster these partnerships. Whether it be through internships and summer placements, or bringing our staff into your school for targeted lectures and hands-on activities (ranging from astronomy to software engineering), we are passionate about working with schools and supporting your education targets.

Please contact us to arrange for a tour of the Centre, a visit to you and your school from one of our staff, or to discuss our philosophy and strategy for optimising your experiences at Hull.

Our incredible Mobile Planetarium is available for school bookings, festivals, Guides/Scouts, and a host of other events. ¬†We are currently training a new cohort of students to help deliver more amazing planetarium sessions – we’ll be back as soon as possible with our new schedule.

Our Director, Professor Brad Gibson, will accompany the Planetarium and is available to engage with all participants awaiting their turn in the Planetarium, with interactive presentations including: Astronauts & Living in Space,The Search for Alien Life, Amazing Inventions from Outer Space, Top 10 Wonders of the Universe, Building a City on Mars, or Careers in Science.