All talks and coffee breaks will be held in Middleton Hall, which seats 500, to ensure social distancing can be observed, if required. Breakfast will be served in Canham Turner, a 2 minute walk from Middleton Hall and lunches will be boxed and collected from the Middleton Hall Arts Café.

09:00Lecture 4: Biosignatures & The Detection of Extrasolar Life (Arola Moreras Marti)Lecture 10: Massive Stars (Joachim Bestenlehner)Lecture 13: Gravitational Waves (Laura Nuttall)
09:30Lecture 18: Galaxy Formation & Evolution (Andreea Font)
10:00Lecture 5: Astrochemistry & Molecular Spectroscopy (Maire Gorman)Lecture 11: Extensions to Standard Cosmology (Cora Uhlemann)Lecture 14: Supernovae (Ning-Chen Sun)
10:30Lecture 19: Exoplanets (Annelies Mortier)
11:00Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
11:30Lecture 6: The Square Kilometer Array (Anna Scaife)Lecture 12: Neutrino Physics & Dark Matter Detection (Anthony Ezeribe)Lecture 15: Nuclear Astrophysics (Umberto Battino)Coffee Break
12:00Lecture 20: Star Clusters (Richard Parker)
12:30Registration & LunchLunchLunchLunch
13:30Welcome & Introduction (Brad Gibson)
14:00Lecture 1: Helpful Hints for a Successful Career (Brad Gibson)Lecture 7: Fast Radio Bursts (Rene Breton)End Lecture 16: The Structure and Evolution of Galaxies

(Chris Conselice)

15:00Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
15:30Lecture 2: Stellar Evolution 101 (Phil Sutton)Lecture 8: Clusters of Galaxies (Claire Cashmore & Lawrence Bilton)Lecture 17: Galactic Archaeology (Clare Worley)
16:30Lecture 3: Star Forming Galaxies at High-Redshift (Julie Wardlow)Lecture 9: Pulsars (Anne Archibald)End
17:30End / ReceptionEnd
18:00Conference Dinner