Launch of Thailand-UK Newton-Fund Project

The STFC Newton-Fund has awarded £56k to Siri Chongchitnan (PI) to  launch the Thai-UK Python+Astronomy Summer Schools (ThaiPASS) in Thailand over 2018-2019.

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STFC awards £29k to Sergei Zharkov

Sergei Zharkov has been awarded £29k by the STFC to host the 2018 Introductory Summer School for Research Computing in Solar Physics and Astronomy. This award will underpin the running costs of what should be an absolutely fantastic training opportunity for students from across the country.

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PhD positions available at the Milne Centre for 2018

The Milne Centre has been awarded 5 PhD Scholarships for 2018 as part of the Astrophysical Data Science Cluster (ADSC).

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£1.2m grant success for the Milne Centre

The E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics has been successful in securing £1.2m in research grants this month.

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