STC Summer School 2018


All Monday classes will be held in Wilberforce Lecture Theatre 1; Tuesday-Friday classes will be held in Wilberforce Lecture Theatre 2;

The Courtyard accommodation is open 24 hours for arrivals. The School Icebreaker with snacks and drinks will take place from 7pm, Sunday September 2 2018, at the Multifunction Room at the Courtyard with school registration desk open from 5.30pm in the same room. The registration desk will also be open on Monday, Sep 3, 2018, 7.30-9am.

In order to make the first days as productive as possible we’d like to ensure as many people as possible have the equipment and software necessary all configured.

It’s highly advised that participants have their own laptops to bring to the presentations, the vast majority of the content will be interactive so anyone without access to a machine during the workshop will be at a significant disadvantage. A limited number of laptops can be provided at Hull, so if you need one for the week then please email Alex Hamilton or Sergei Zharkov ASAP so it can be arranged.

The software we expect to use includes Python 3 with a package manager (ideally Anaconda) and working Jupyter Notebook, a Git client and a text editor.

Full Installation instructions are avalible on the Open Astronomy website that will also host up to date programme along with lesson materials and recordings.

If you have any questions or issues with installation, then please don’t hesitate to let us know. There is also time allocated on the Monday morning, first day of school, to fix any issues.

TimeMonday 3rd SeptemberTuesday 4th SeptemberWednesday 5th SeptemberThursday 6th SeptemberFriday 7th September
09:00Introduction and installation checking—-—-—–—–
09:30Lecture:Analysis of gravitational wave observations with Python,
Duncan Macloed
Fundamentals of programming with Python,cont
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Collaboration with Git
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Python tools for astronomy – an overview of SunPy and Astropy
Stuart Mumford, Thomas Robitaille
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
11:10 Automating tasks with the Unix shell
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Further Python
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Collaboration with Git, cont.
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Using physical units in Python
Thomas Robitaille, Stuart Mumford
Working with time series
Samuel Bennett, Alex Hamilton
13:30 Version control with Git
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Writing effective tests
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Public engagement and outreach with open-source software
Sophie Murray
Images and data visualisation
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Finding and getting data
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
15:10Fundamentals of programming with Python
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Grand excercise 1: approximating pi
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford
Careers in scientific computing
Images in astronomy
Stuart Mumford, Thomas Robitaille
Summary and Grand excercise 2: Working in groups on a software project
Drew Leonard, Stuart Mumford


Social Programme:

Sunday, 2nd September: Arrivals and Ice-breaker @18:30 Multi-function Room, The Courtyard
Wednesday, 5th September: Escape Rooms @17:30-18:00 The Courtyard, (Bus to the Escape Rooms, Hull City Centre)
Thursday, 6th September: Conference Dinner @19:00 Meze Bar and Grill