STC Summer School 2018


The applications are now closed

    As this will be a small summer school, we expect to be over-subscribed. Therefore we are not accepting people primarily on a first come, first served basis, unlike other similar schools. Instead we aim to select attendees from the pool of applicants once all applications have been received. Therefore we ask that you complete the following short questionnaire, which will allow us to select the most suitable participants.

    Participants for this summer school will be selected using an algorithm, which will use the answers you provide to the following questions as input. One of the aims of this process is to help increase the diversity of participants by reducing bias in the selection process. A description and demonstration of the software used for this process can be found here. In accordance with STFC rules, priority will be given to STFC funded candidates with a handful of additional places now allocated for non-STFC candidates should the demand be too high.

    The applications are now closed

    Additional information:

  1. The School is free for STFC Studentship holders and Self-Funded Postgraduates. Travel and subsistence can be claimed back direct from STFC using the Summer School Claim Form (available here)

    STFC claim forms need to be signed by the student (no electronic signatures) but may then be scanned with receipts and sent to for processing
    or sent in the post to

    UKRI STFC’s Education, Training and Careers Section, UKRI STFC, Polaris House, North Star Avenue, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 1SZ

    (Note that student claim forms should be marked for the attention of the Project Officer).

  2. University-funded postgraduates (i.e., those in receipt of non-STFC studentships) will have to pay a flat registration fee (to cover the cost of accommodation and the meals (breakfast, lunch & refreshments) of £280.00 payable via Hull Online store here